Vija Celmins Television and Disaster 1964 – 1966

Vija Celmins: Television and Disaster, 1964–1966
Franklin Sirmans and Michelle White
The Menil Collection, distributed by Yale University Press, 2010
hardcover with tip-on
8.75 x 6 inches (22.5 x 15 cm)
64 pages

Designed in collaboration with Vija Celmins, this catalogue covers a brief but highly productive period during her early career. Images of guns, fighter planes, and explosions provided the inspiration for a suite of paintings executed in a palette of mid-range grays. The delicacy and subdued coloration of the paintings is reflected in the book’s small trim size and repetition of the gray palette on the endpapers and cloth cover. Massimo Tonolli from Trifolio in Verona, Italy, masterfully captured the challenging balance of gray tonalities on press.

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